The Top 30 Most Valuable Football Cards Of All Time


The card-collecting hobby has been on fire recently, with a strong appreciation for any older, vintage sports cards

Vintage football card values have increased but have yet to keep up with the most valuable baseball or basketball cards

But, the value gap is starting to narrow, with collectors looking for value and buying expensive vintage football rookie cards

We've analyzed PSA data, searching for the most expensive football cards ever sold to find the top football cards worth money. As follows we provide the top 30 most valuable football cards in the hobby.

This list is a good starting point for any collector looking to add vintage football cards to their collection. 

We try to update these lists every year, but if you see something that should be on the list, let me know via email at

**With prices fluctuating so quickly, the numbers here might not always be precise, so if interested, I encourage collectors to check PSA for some of the latest sales figures. I'll keep this updated relatively frequently.

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The Top 30 Most Valuable Football Cards Of All Time