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Willie Mays Baseball Cards: The Definitive Guide

52-topps-maysWillie Mays was one of the best five-tool players ever to play the game.  A rare combination of blistering speed and defensive prowess complemented his blend of power and accuracy at the plate.  

Willie Mays defined how the game should be played and his early childlike love for baseball earned him the moniker – ‘The Say Hey Kid’.

Despite his success on the field, Mays faced relentless racism, experiencing a bit of an odd relationship with the media and fans alike.

Still to this day, Mays remains well respected as a ballplayer and to this day is considered to be one of the all-time greats. 

In this piece, we examine the most essential and valuable Wille Mays baseball cards, most of which are still highly sought after among vintage sports card collectors. This piece covers Mays’ cards dating from 1951 through 1960.


Is Michael Jordan’s Rookie Card Still A Good Investment?

**Editor's Note on Feb 25, 2021--I wrote this article in May of 2020.  So, i was clearly VERY wrong about the direction of Jordan rookie card prices.  When I wrote this in May, his PSA 10 rookies were selling for $52,000.  

At the end of 2020, his PSA 10 rookies were selling for around $750K, an increase of over 15x.  His lower graded rookies also increasing by a nearly similar amount.  Question-where do Jordan Rookie Cards go from here?  Leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts**

PSA-jordan-4Sometimes hype and excitement get in the way of reality.  And in the case of Michael Jordan’s 1986 Fleer rookie card, I’m worried that this might be the case.

Never have I seen a 30+ year-old card garner so much attention–and fueled by what?  A documentary?  Are people so stir crazy that they somehow forgot that Michael Jordan was one of the best to ever play the game?

I bring all of this up due to the fact that Jordan’s rookie card has begun to reach levels of hysteria that normally crop up in the way of a new rookie phenom.  But here we are talking about the 50-something-year-old Michael Jordan.

As a case in point, I put together a spreadsheet back in April of 2019, tracking the prices of Jordan’s rookie (see below).  In a little more than a year, Jordan’s rookie card has increased across the board by the tune of nearly 200% in most grades.