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1920 W519 Strip Card Set

w519-ruth strip card




Fast Facts

Year(s) Issued: 1920
Set Designation: W519
Number Cards: W519-1-1 (20 Cards), W519-1-2 (10 Cards), W519-2 (10 Cards)
Card Size: 1-1/2" x 2-1/2"
Common Card Value (Good Condition): $25
Scarcity Rating: (1 to 10, 10 scarcest):  7 for W519-1-1 and W519-1-2, 9 for W519-2

Full W519 Checklist

W519 Strip Card Set

Keys For Collectors

  • Another anonymous strip card issue, with color drawings on the front and blank backs. Cards created by the Decalco Litho Company. (source)
  • The set has three distinct issues; which are noted as W519-1-1, W519-1-2, and W519-2
  • Two of the issues have numbers on the front (W519-1 and W519-1-2) while the W519-2 issue is unnumbered 
  • The Type 1 set (W519-1) consists of twenty numbered cards, while the Type 2 set (W519-1-2) consists of ten cards all in a different number sequence from the Type 1 set. The third, unnumbered (W519-2) set consists of ten cards. 
  • The backgrounds of the cards vary across all three sets; W519-1 have red/maroon like backgrounds, W519-1-2 have blue backgrounds and W519-2 have a variety of colors, mostly blue.  Hues can range across sets so, not uncommon to have colors vary, as strip card printing at the time was very inconsistent. 
  • The cards are not all that plentiful, however the W519-1-2 cards are significantly harder to find of all the issues. 
  • A Babe Ruth card is featured in all three sets

A Closer Look At The Three W519 Set Variations

The W519 set is as confusing issue, with three different sets, making it tough for collectors to tell what is what. 

Here's a a closer look at the Babe Ruth card, which is one of only eight players that had a card across all three sets. 

Here's a W519-2 card which is easily identified for the fact that it has no number:


W519-2 Ruth

And then here is a W519-1-1 Ruth card with the number 5.  Note the red background; while there is typically a lack in consistency, the majority of Ruth #5's I've seen have the maroon background while the W515-2 card has a blue background, although with wide variations of tint. 

w519-1--1 ruth

W519-1-1 Ruth

And then lastly we have the W519-1-2 Ruth, which is by far the hardest to find among the three; a theme consistent across all cards from the sets.  The background on this card isn't some fluke; all of the type two issues of the Ruth I've seen have the same sort of art deco background which I love. Only problem, nearly impossible to find; PSA has graded only 4 copies.  Note that card numbers on the front of the card are blue, versus black on the W519-1-1 card. 


W519-1-2  Ruth, The Rarest of The Three

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