Most Watched Wayne Gretzky Rookie Cards on eBay

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Wayne Gretzky has two official rookie cards – the 1979-1980 Topps #18 and 1979-1980 O-Pee-Cee (OPC) #18 cards.  The Topps version is distributed in the United States, whereas OPC cards are distributed for sale throughout Canada. The major differences between the Topps and OPC cards relate to the stock used.  The OPC cards use much brighter card stock, which is easily noticeable compared to the cards’ backs.  Under blacklight, the OPC card will fluoresce many times brighter than the Topps card.  I believe many collectors think Gretzky’s OPC rookie card is much rarer than his Topps rookie, but the fact is that the Topps rookie card has only been graded 1000 times more than the OPC version.  Neither by any means is a rare card; this may be another misconception by collectors.  Despite this plentiful availability, demand for Gretzky’s rookie card remains strong, and prices continue to rise. 

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Most Watched 1979 Wayne Gretzky Rookie Card on eBay