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All Vintage Cards – Buy List

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All Vintage Cards Is Always Buying - Top $$ Paid

As a part of improving our flow of inquiries (we get a lot of emails), we put together this comprehensive buy list to help collectors distinguish whether All Vintage Cards is a good fit as a partner in monetization. 

If it's not here, it doesn't mean your cards are worthless.

These are just the items we are looking to add to our inventory. Note that sometimes for special items, an auction can be a good way for monetization, something we can certainly help with in referring you to one of our vintage auction partners

Note. We are primarily buying vintage cards from 1969 and older.

With that said, our major focus right now in terms of buying is 19th Century, PRE-WAR Tobacco, Early Gum, Caramel and Exhibit Cards.  

Big time early stars such as Cobb, Wagner,  Mathewson, Walter Johnson etc. 

Typically the older, the better

A full list is listed below, so the above highlights are not everything we are buying...

There are some exceptions to that pre-1969 rule as listed below (aka Brady and Jordan rookies) but if you write to us about other cards from 1970's to present, there's a high likelihood we will not return your inquiry. 

Sad to say, but nearly all of the cards from the mid to late 1970’s, 1980's and 1990’s were produced in massive quantities and hard for us to resell at a profit.  

Here's What All Vintage Cards Is Buying

  • All Pre-War Sports Cards including Tobacco Cards (T series), Early Candy and Gum Cards (E series) and Strip/Exhibit Cards (W series)
  • Hall of Famer's and Stars from the early Topps and Bowman Sets (1948 through 1969) - all sports
  • Key Rookie Cards of stars such as Gretzky, Brady, Jordan, Russell, Erving, Chamberlain and more
  • Unopened Wax from 50's, 60's, 70's
  • Complete or partially complete sets of Pre-War Cards and 1950's thrus 1960's (All Sports)
  • Vintage Memorabilia including Autographs, Jerseys, Bats, Signed Balls etc
  • Vintage Basketball, Football and Hockey Cards in High Grades

Sports Cards We Aren't Buying

  • Any 1970's and 1980's baseball cards (this includes even most good condition cards from the 1980s)
  • Any late 1980's Basketball or early 1990's Basketball cards.  (We are buying 1986 -1988 Fleer Basketball, Star Basketball and Kobe Bryant Rookie cards).
  • Modern football or hockey cards from 1980's to today.  (We are buying Wayne Gretzky Rookie Cards, Tom Brady Rookies and 1984 Topps Football).
  • Common cards or minor stars from 1960's to Present
  • Almost all modern cards (sorry just not our expertise)
  • Modern junk era wax boxes (typically 1986 and later)

Have a specific question?  Shoot me an email at chris@allvintagecards.com or use our Estimate form to get an idea of what your cards might be worth