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Vintage Sports Cards FAQ

How Much Are My Cards Worth?

Unfortunately, for newer collectors it still can be challenging to try and value their card collections.

There are many factors that go into determining vintage card prices.  

This article on determining card values is a great resource.

What Years Are Vintage Cards?

The consensus among collectors is that vintage cards are those produced prior to 1980.  This piece explores this more in detail

Which Card Graders Are The Best?

This really comes down to personal preferences, but ultimately there are three card graders that should be considered for vintage cards:  PSA, SGC, or BVG (Beckett).  PSA has historically provided the best premium versus other grading companies, although some argue that SGC is more accurate in their grading.   See Our Guide on Grading 

Should I Get My Cards Graded?

It mostly depends on the overall value and scarcity of the card.  Most third party grading services charge at least $20 per card, thus if your card is worth less than that, it's likely not worth it.   See our guide on whether or not your should get your cards graded.

How Can I Sell My Cards?

There most certainly is a very healthy market today for baseball and all sports cards. In fact, due to the widespread availability of fast internet access and various marketplaces, there has never been a more established and liquid market than the one that exists today.  eBay is typically the easiest way to get funds quickly, although for higher ticket items, auction houses can still provide great reach among vintage collectors.  Our Guide On Selling Your Cards

Do Baseball Card Stores Still Exist?

They do!  Although given the proliferation of online selling methods, card stores are much rarer than say 10-15 years ago.   We've put together a list of some stores that specialize in vintage sports cards.