Vintage Baseball Card Stores

Yes, some collectors still like to do business in person!  So we’ve assembled a collection of the best sports card stores that sell a large assortment of vintage cards. 

This list is based on my research and experience so if you have a store that’s not listed, please shoot me an email at

Please ensure they sell vintage cards and provide some notes if possible as to what sorts of cards they specialize in. 

This list will be frequently updated.  Feel free to drop a comment below on any of these stores or other vintage shops.

Cavalier Cards – Charlottesville, Virginia
If heading there, make sure the owner Jeff is there, he has a binder and other vintage for sale. 

Burbank Sports Cards – Burbank, California
Lot of vintage cards, also has online eBay store under the same name

Stevens Creek Sportscards – San Jose, California
Good assortment of vintage, ask for Kevin…. they also have an eBay store under the same name.

Sports Heroes – Cranston, Rhode Island
Sells single cards from all four major sports from the 1950s to the present

Baseball Card Exchange – Schererville, Indiana
These guys are the kings of unopened wax, so if you’re looking for any older wax this is the place to visit.

Kenmore Collectibles – Boston, Massachusetts
Has an extensive inventory of older vintage post- and pre-war cards

The Battersbox – Tomball, Texas 
Specializes in everything vintage and has been around for a while, since 1990

DJ’s Sports Cards – Renton, Washington
Great mix of new and vintage, gets great reviews from customers

Mike’s Stadium Sports Cards – Aurora, Colorado
Hosts trade nights, has lots of giveaways, and lots of vintage and pre-war cards for sale

Dugout Dreams – Danbury, Connecticut
Lots of vintage cards, from pre-war up until the 1970’s

Bases Loaded Sports Collectibles – Buffalo, New York
Awesome owners here, super friendly with a great assortment of vintage cards

Baseball Card Stores Near Me

Although I can't vouch for whether or not any of these card stores sell vintage cards, this map will provide a peek at any of the baseball card stores near your current location.  Zoom the map in or out in case it isn't showing automatically.   Before visiting, you might want to call up the store and check their hours.  A lot of stores I know will randomly close up for a day or two or have summer hours.  

Check Out The Reviews

Of course, the best way to find a trusted card dealer is often through word of mouth, but Google has actually assembled a virtual consensus grouping of consumer reviews that can help us find good stores.  If you click on a particular card store in the map above, you'll see the store's review.  It should look something like this: 


Assuming the store has a decent number of customer reviews, you can click on the reviews to check out what people are saying about the store.  In this case, G2 Sports Cards in Uxbridge, MA has 25 reviews, with an average 4.7 (out of 5) stars.  Note, I've never been to G2, but might be worthy of a visit based on the good ratings!

If we click on reviews, it takes us over to the company's Google local page.  It's important to look for a bunch of fake reviews.  In this case I can that there are a lot of positive reviews from what Google refers to as 'Local Guides' that are trusted reviewers that have many other reviews.


I'll often hop on over to their Facebook page to try and get a closer look at the store and some of their interactions with customers.  Here's G2's Facebook page.  I found this photo and while it doesn't necessarily look vintage heavy, the store looks well stocked.


That's normally enough for me to get a good picture of the store in question and whether it warrants a visit or not. 

I might take a look on Yelp to see if there's another set of reviews that isn't being captured from the Google reviews. Also, note that Facebook users will sometimes review a location on the company's Facebook page.

Hopefully this helps in your quest to find local vintage card stores.   Remember to call the store before visiting!  And if you find any other card stores specializing in vintage cards and memorabilia, please let me know!

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