by Vinnie Rullo

Controversy often stirs heated debates, and nowhere is this more evident than in the world of sports cards.

From secrets that took over two decades to unravel to revelations that shocked the community in mere months, the tales behind these cards are as varied as they are fascinating.

This article delves into the top 10 most controversial sports cards of all time, uncovering the stories that have sparked debates, lawsuits, and sometimes, even legends

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by Vinnie Rullo

As the hunt for vintage hockey cards intensifies, the scarcity of high-grade rookie cards has made them increasingly coveted.

Among these, O-Pee-Chee cards—Canadian treasures—are particularly prized for their rarity and appeal over their American Topps counterparts.

Despite this growing fascination, numerous vintage hockey rookie cards remain surprisingly undervalued.

This article uncovers the top 10 underrated vintage hockey rookie cards, illuminating why now is an opportune moment for collectors to invest in these hidden gems of the ice. 

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by Vinnie Rullo

Investing in vintage rookie cards offers a potentially lucrative opportunity, with substantial financial gains possible for savvy collectors.

It's tempting to focus solely on high-value vintage cards, but it's wise to avoid allocating all of your capital into cards that may not offer quick liquidity.

A balanced approach, combining short-term and long-term investments in your card portfolio, is key.  

This guide explores key strategies for navigating the market, emphasizing the importance of market knowledge, strategic purchasing, and the critical role of card grading.

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24 for 2024
by Vinnie Rullo

The new year has arrived, bringing with it the potential for many sports cards to increase in value as the year progresses.

This article examines 24 must-have sports cards you should consider buying this year.

Many of these cards feature athletes who are potential future Hall of Famers, players in the spotlight, MVP-caliber talents, and those who might benefit from an appearance in this year's Super Bowl.

Let's delve into our Top 24 Must-Have Sports Cards for 2024.

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by Vinnie Rullo

Coaches play a pivotal role in shaping championship contenders, leaving an enduring impact on numerous sports franchises throughout history. Some of these coaching legends were once star players who transitioned into remarkable coaching careers, while others never graced the professional athlete arena themselves.

Intriguingly, many coaching rookie cards and key cards featuring future Hall of Famers remain underrated gems. As follows, I'll review the most valuable coaching cards across the four major sports: baseball, basketball, football, and hockey.

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by Vinnie Rullo

The Kelce brothers, Travis and Jason, have become cultural phenomena, and their rookie cards are now highly sought after.

The documentary "KELCE" premiered on Amazon Prime Video, and their "New Heights" podcast has catapulted them into the media spotlight.

Travis Kelce's relationship with pop icon Taylor Swift has taken his popularity to new heights.

Travis is on his way to becoming the greatest tight end ever, and Jason has put together a Hall of Fame career as an offensive lineman.

In the following piece, we'll delve into the top football cards featuring the Kelce brothers.

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by Vinnie Rullo

Discover the best rookie cards of the New York Knicks' all-time greats, delving into the rich history of this iconic basketball franchise.

This guide highlights the top basketball cards of the exceptional Knicks players who earned the honor of having their jersey numbers retired.

These honored jerseys now grace the rafters of Madison Square Garden (MSG), acclaimed as 'The Mecca' by legends like LeBron James.

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by Vinnie Rullo

The Junk Wax Era, spanning from 1986 to 1993, is predominantly recognized for its significant overproduction of baseball cards.

This period led to a substantial bubble in the sports card industry, which eventually burst, causing a notable collapse in the market.

However, the era was more than just bubble and bust; it also produced a rich array of sports cards, including valuable rookie cards and rare short-prints

Many cards from this era now hold surprising value. You could discover some of these hidden treasures in your collection.

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by All Vintage Cards

The 'Junk Wax Era' of baseball cards, spanning from 1986 to 1993, marked a period of massive overproduction by card companies, leading to a market saturation that significantly diminished the value of these cards. 

Initially swept up in a wave of hysteria, collectors once believed their cards would be worth fortunes, only to find them nearly worthless today.

This era served as a stark lesson for card companies, catalyzing a shift in production strategies to balance supply and demand—a cornerstone in today’s thriving sports card hobby.

In this article, we'll delve into the Junk Wax Era, exploring its lasting impact and the subsequent evolution of the hobby.

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by Vinnie Rullo

Unlike their baseball or basketball counterparts, vintage football cards haven't always been in high demand.

This has been a boon for collectors, allowing them to acquire legendary players' rookie cards at reasonable prices.

But as interest grows, top-grade PSA vintage football rookie cards are getting snapped up.

Here are my Top 10 undervalued vintage football cards, ripe for consideration as long-term investments

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by Vinnie Rullo

Sports cards have been on quite the journey since the late 1800s.

From humble beginnings with baseball cards tucked inside tobacco tins,
to today's flashy 1/1s and autographed patch cards.

Throughout this evolution, a few cards and sets have truly turned heads,
setting new trends and directing the next big thing in card collecting.

These aren't just pieces of cardboard; they're snapshots of sports moments in time, shaping the hobby and leading to the dynamic card culture of today.

Without these game-changing cards, our hobby would be a different ball game.

So, let's dive in!

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by Vinnie Rullo

Mickey Mantle is one of the most iconic baseball players of all time.

Many of his sports cards, produced during the baby boom era, were affixed to bike spokes by kids, making mint condition cards rare today.

High-grade copies of The Mick's more valuable cards consistently break records at auction.

I've analyzed every Topps card of Mantle from his playing days, dating from 1952 through 1969. 

The analysis of each card follows, examining value, scarcity, and investment potential. 

Also see our guide to the ten best Mickey Mantle cards to invest in, which covers many of Mantle's non-Topps baseball cards. 

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by Vinnie Rullo

LeBron James is often hailed as one of history's most outstanding basketball players.

He has consistently exceeded expectations since his early days as a high school sensation.

Last season, he clinched the title as the NBA's all-time leading scorer.

As he gears up for his 21st NBA season in 2023-24, he remains an undeniable powerhouse on the court.

LeBron's sports cards rank among the most coveted collectibles for enthusiasts.

Let's delve into the top 10 LeBron James rookie cards, selected based on their popularity, value, and sales volume.

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by Vinnie Rullo

The NHL 2023-24 season is fast approaching, and now is the time to start buying Upper Deck Young Guns rookie cards.

This list showcases ten potential breakout NHL players for the 2023-2024 season who have a Young Guns rookie card.

I recommend buying these hockey cards in graded PSA 10 examples.

Last season, players like Matthew Tkachuk, Ramus Dahlin, Tage Thompson, Clayton Keller, and others had breakout seasons.

As a result, their Upper Deck Young Guns rookie cards saw an all-time high in value.

Here are my top 10 potential players who could break out in the 2023-24 season, featuring an Upper Deck Young Guns (YG) rookie card.

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by All Vintage Cards

The 1986 Fleer Basketball set is one of the most iconic basketball card issues ever.

It was issued at a time when basketball was finally getting its due in terms of fan support. Driven by the continued dominance of the likes of new players such as Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, and, of course, the legend himself, Michael Jordan.

The set was small in number (132 base basketball cards plus 11 stickers) but loaded with big-time rookie cards, including the iconic rookie card of Michael Jordan.

The cards themselves aren't necessarily rare. However, gem-mint (PSA 10) copies are a challenge due to the propensity of easy damage to the red borders of the cards and common centering issues.

In this piece, we will provide a look at the top twenty most valuable cards in the 1986 Fleer Basketball card set. 

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by Vinnie Rullo

Shohei Ohtani has captivated major league baseball since his 2018 debut.

He has excelled as a hitter AND a pitcher, making him the only active MLB player to achieve such a distinction.

In 2021, Ohtani clinched the AL MVP title, and based on his outstanding 2023 performance, he's poised to claim it once more.

To no surprise, the value of Shohei Ohtani's rookie cards have soared in recent years.

In this piece, we'll delve into the top 10 most sought-after and valuable Shohei Ohtani rookie cards

Not all of these Ohtani rookie cards are not the most expensive, but they are the most popular in the sports card community.

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messi best rookies
by Vinnie Rullo

Lionel Messi is often hailed as the contemporary GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) among soccer legends. Following a stellar career in the Premier League, Messi transitioned to the US, earning over $50 million a year with Inter Miami. His debut in American soccer has profoundly influenced the sport in the U.S.

Many new fans are now interested in soccer due to the lure of Messi's legend. And he hasn't disappointed with outstanding play in the last couple of weeks. Messi's rookie soccer cards have seen a significant increase in value of late due to his dominant play and impact in the US. Let's look at some of Lionel Messi's best rookie cards.

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by All Vintage Cards

I wrote a piece on CSG Card grading in 2021 and there have been some requests for an update, given some of the changes at CSG.

The most significant change happened in 2022, with the launch of a new label and a revamped grading scale.

In my last article, I noted the following about CSG's slabs:

In a simple word--ugly.  This is where I wish they tried to survey the collecting world before pulling the trigger on a slab/flip design.  I have to admit, I don't like the design--it feels too busy and suited for a more modern day card.  

Well, maybe they were listening to me? Because they made a significant change.

Here was the slab before (that I was highly critical of):

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by Vinnie Rullo

The 1970s featured many baseball stars, Hall of Fame players, rookies, and some players who made a significant impact during the decade. 

Still, today many rookie cards from that era fly under the radar. Rookie cards from this decade, especially high-grade examples, continue to increase in value.

In previous baseball rookie card articles, I have discussed rookie cards of players not yet in the Hall, including Dave Parker, Keith Hernandez, Lou Whitaker, Thurman Munson, and Dwight Evans.

In this piece, I dive deeper into ten rookie cards from the 1970s that still look like excellent buys.

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by All Vintage Cards

I've been pretty supportive of SGC over the years, even used their card grading services for a lot of cards in my own personal collection.

However, another recent discovery of a trimmed card in an SGC holder has me somewhat concerned.

Here's the deal: a Blowout Forums user (who else?) discovered that an SGC 6 1936 Goudey World Gum Joe Dimaggio card was trimmed, resubmitted to SGC and ultimately rewarded with a new SGC 8.5 grade. 

Check out the comparison from user CornDog below.

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