Most Watched Derek Jeter Rookie Cards on eBay

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This is a curated list of the most valuable and most watched Derek Jeter Rookie Cards for sale on eBay. Jeter’s rookie cards surged in value following his induction into the Hall of Fame in 2021, yet have dipped of late.

For collectors looking at Jeter rookie cards as an investment, there are some gems to be found. The New York Yankees star had several 1992 minor league pre-rookie cards that are attractive. Yet, Jeter’s 1993 major league rookie cards get most of the attention from collectors.

This includes his iconic 1993 SP Upper Deck Foil card and his 1993 Topps card #98, showcasing his selection as a top draft pick in 1992. There is also a highly sought-after 1993 Topps Draft Pick Gold foil variation, along with 1993 Derek Jeter Pinnacle rookie cards, to name a few.

The value of all of Jeter’s rookie cards, even PSA 9 or PSA 10 copies, have fallen significantly, in some cases over 50% from the peak. Thus, now is a good time for collectors to consider buying at a discount. Even Jeter’s non-rookie, like his jersey cards or on-card autos look like an attractive value.

I like Derek Jeter signed rookie cards as a longer-term investment. Some of Jeter’s minor league rookie cards have signed variations that are quite valuable, including his 1992 Little Sun High School Prospects card.

Most Watched Derek Jeter Rookie Card PSA on eBay