1928 W513 Strip Card Set

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w512 ruth back


Fast Facts

Year(s) Issued: 1928

Set Designation: W513

Number Cards: 50

Card Size: 1-3/8″ x 2-1/4″

Common Card Value (Good Condition): $20

Scarcity Rating: (1 to 10, 10 scarcest):  7

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W513 Strip Card Set

Keys For Collectors

  • Believed to be a continuation of the W512 Strip Card Set
  • Features 50 cards with color, cartoon-like drawings and blank backs
  • Cataloged by Jefferson Burdick in The American Card Catalog as ‘Baseball-Athletes-Boxers-Movie Drawings’
  • There are twenty-six baseball cards in the 50-card set (cards 61 thru 86), with the remainder a mix of mostly boxers and aviators.
  • Of the 26 baseball players, there are 12 HOFers, not quite the same sort of star power from the W512 set, but still a nice group of players to collect
  • One interesting note, one of the non player cards in the set is of Rene Lacoste (#100), who was a famous tennis player at the time. You might be familiar with the Lacoste name; in 1933, Rene Lacoste founded the company, with the trademark alligator logo; note that Lacoste was known in his playing days as “the Crocodile”, due to his tenacity on the court.

Building A W513 HOF Strip Card Set

The W513 set in terms of baseball players gives collectors a bit more to work with, in terms of number of cards (26) versus the W512 Strip Card set, which has only ten cards.

Still, while the W512 set features big names such as Ruth, Speaker, and Cobb, the W513 set lacks the same immense star power.

However, the W513 set still offers 12 HOF player cards, and for vintage collectors, building a W513 HOF Baseball set can be somewhat affordable.

W513 cards are, on average, a bit tougher to find than W512 cards, but many are available at fairly affordable prices, especially if buying ungraded cards.

Keep your eyes peeled and remain patient; you might be able to score lots affordably on eBay. It is not out of the question to purchase each one of these cards for less than $50 each in ungraded condition. You might pay a bit more for the more prominent names like Hack Wilson, but the others should be doable in that price range.

Thus, for those willing to play the long game, a HOF W513 set could be built for less than $600.

W513 Eddie Roush #61


W513 Waite Hoyt #62


W513 Smiling Bill Terry #67


W513 Herb Pennock #68


W513 Paul Waner #70


W513 Burleigh Grimes #72


W513 Lloyd Waner #73


W513 Hack Wilson #74


W513 Jess Haines #78 UER


W513 Tony Lazzeri #79


W513 Pie Traynor #82


W513 Earl Coombs #86 UER


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1928 W513 Burleigh Grimes SGC Authentic


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1928 W513 Strip Cards Rube Benton #69


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1928 W513 Strip Cards Al DeVormer #80


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