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I have found your Star Basketball Cards website to be very helpful. Many thanks for all the work you have put into it!

I've been studying the information for the past year or so and I'm slowly starting to dip my toes into the world of Star basketball collecting.  I'm considering some particular cards, but I have a couple concerns, which I'll share here.

(1) I'm interested in the key 1983 rookie cards -- Drexler, Isiah, and Dominique.  I may lean toward PSA-graded copies, but I'm also open to BGS, if I feel very confident about the particular graded card.  Here's an example I've been looking at -- I noticed that this BGS 9 1983 Drexler has left-hand white border bleed over the red on the left, whereas one doesn't see that on this PSA-graded copy.  I would assume the BGS copy is still authentic -- given that Star had plenty of printing issues and so some variance with border bleed (or lack thereof) would be expected.  But I wonder what you think about this white border bleed on some of the '83 cards.  It's hard to find authentication information about the '83 set.
(2) I'm very interested in the second-year base Jordan -- 1985-86 Star 117 MJ.  It's a beautiful card.  I know PSA isn't grading this set yet and your authentication page has been invaluable with viewing copies of this card.  This BGS 9 copy does seem to check out -- in terms of the main things to look for with counterfeits of this card.  But the image does seem overly dark -- i.e., the reds of the border as well as the Jordan photo.  My guess is that's just related to the contrast of the photo taken (of the card) by the seller.  Compared to this BGS 9.5, for instance, with a slightly lighter red / MJ image.  My assumption is both are authenticate, but I wonder if you've seen highly sophisticated fakes of this card (that have darker printing).  If so, I guess I'd be more wary. 
In any case, thanks for considering my questions.  One is general -- i.e., do some of the 1983 base set cards (esp. the Drexler) have white border bleed on the left-hand side (a la that BGS Drexler I sighted above).  The other question -- about the 1985-86 Star 117 MJ -- is more particular to the copies I've looked at.
Overall, I'm just extra careful with BGS-graded cards.  I know BGS was at the vanguard of Star Basketball grading, but I also collect soccer cards and there have been some major issues with BGS-graded fake stickers.  Plus, PSA has the guarantee (with counterfeits) that provides extra security.

Thanks in advance for any feedback you can offer!

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Hey there thanks for the kind words about our Star website!

On your first question, both of those cards are authentic. The border bleed is common in early sets and there was definitely variation in printing.  

However you do need to be aware of Type 2 counterfeits from the 85-86 Star set which have a more pronounced border overlap and lack of bleed on backs of the cards.  

In regards to your second question, both look fine I think first one is dark because of image resolution. Beckett has done a good job grading Star cards over the years for the most part.  Note that Steve Taft who is basically the granddaddy of Star cards was responsible for training Beckett staff on what to look out for in regards to Star cards and any potential counterfeits.

Hope this helps, Chris  


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This is really helpful information.  Thank you, Chris!  It's good to know that the border bleed can happen with the '83 set.  And it's reassuring that you have the same assessment that I did about that 85-86 117 MJ (darker image resolution). 

And yeah, Steve Taft obviously was a key figure with helping Beckett do good work with Star cards.  I need to ditch my soccer-related BGS reservations and focus on how reliable they are with Star basketball.

Thanks again for your great resources on the website and now via this forum!