Most Watched Michael Jordan Rookie Cards on eBay

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Whether his landmark 1986 Fleer or 1985 Star cards, Michael Jordan Rookie cards continue to remain in very high demand. His Gem Mint condition Fleer rookie card is now worth in excess of $500,000. Jordan’s ’86 Fleer card isn’t exactly rare, although excellent condition copies are now commanding in excess of $10K.

But beware, the counterfeit Jordan rookies just keep getting better and better, so we’d advise going for a graded copy.
Note that PSA won’t grade Star cards any longer, thus if looking for Jordan’s Star 1985 rookie card, it will either have to be raw or graded by another third-party grader. However, the reason PSA stopped grading Star cards was due to the proliferation of counterfeit cards. Thus, be VERY careful if buying one raw.

Most Watched Michael Jordan Rookie Card on eBay

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