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Is This 52 Topps Mantle Real?

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From A Reader:

You probably get this a lot, but 

this mantle type 2 looks legit. Would you give me your thoughts? 

Thank you for your time 
IMG 4599
IMG 4600

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Hey Mike, hopefully, you had a chance to review our guide to authenticating the 52 Topps Mantle card

In looking at this card in question, the card looks fake to me.

The first problem is that the edges look too pristine to me and too white. 

Now, let's not forget that this is a 72 year old card. Could it have made it these 72 years with borders this white and clean.  Sure it's possible and they exist, but they are far and few between. The borders look like new white paper. 

Also, the other problem is that the colors on the front of the card do not look like what you get with an original.

Here's an example of an authentic Type 2 Mantle graded by SGC.

Screenshot 2024 07 07 at 3.47.11 PM

and then here's your card:

Image 7 7 24 at 3.51 PM

the colors of the real card pop and the facial tones and colors are very distinct.

on your card which I suspect as fake, it looks like a common reproduction with low quality print and not what you would find with ink from a card created in 1952.

hope this helps.