1960’s Basketball Cards

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Following the inaugural 1957 Topps Basketball issue, it would be another four years before another major basketball release, with the introduction the 1961 Fleer Basketball set.  The '61 Fleer set is in my mind one of the landmark sets for vintage basketball collectors, due to its attractive design and the inclusion of a plethora of hall of famers and key rookie cards.  Following the '61 Fleer release, it would take another eight years for another major basketball release, when Topps entered the fray once again in 1969.  Note, we have also included the 1968 Topps Test issue here, and although not a full widespread release, it remains quite popular for vintage collectors.  

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The first official and only full basketball release for Fleer. This one is considered to be one of the top vintage basketball sets of all time. 


Topps launched a ‘Test Issue’ in 1968 and not many collectors are familiar with the set.  To this day, no one really knows the true origin of the issue, with most assuming it was never meant for distribution. 


Topps launched their first official return to basketball cards in 1969, which would mark the first in a run of sets through 1981-1982, with no true national competition.  

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