Collectors Can Now Buy Vintage Sports Cards With Bitcoin

Updated Oct 04, 2023

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All Vintage Cards is excited to announce that vintage sports card collectors can now purchase cards via the All Vintage Cards sports card store using bitcoin.  

“This is a big step in the evolution of digital commerce and especially in the advent of what has become a growing market for cryptocurrencies.  Our stance is that bitcoin is here to stay and that we would like to play our part in helping the digital ecosystem evolve into the world of online commerce.  It’s only natural that card collectors have the ability to utilize their cryptocurrencies in purchasing sports cards” -says All Vintage Cards President, Evan Gibson.  

The All Vintage Cards shop carries high quality vintage sports cards, and was recently launched in 2020, following on years of success in helping collector with a plethora of hobby resources, including numerous resource guides relating to spotting counterfeit cards, along with helping to identify good investments in the hobby. 

In order to purchase cards on the All Vintage Cards website, collectors need to select 'Coinbase Commerce' when selecting a payment method at checkout (see below). 


Collectors do not need a Coinbase account in order to pay at checkout (but it does make it easier); click here to open a Coinbase account.  If you don't have a Coinbase account, any crypto wallet holding either bitcoin or ethereum (the two accepted cryptocurrencies at the All Vintage Cards shop) will work.

Coinbase is today the largest US based cryptocurrency exchange, and in the words of President, Gibson, is the only provider he would consider in order to facilitate customer's cryptocurrency transactions.

  "Coinbase is the largest and most trusted US operator and we are more than thrilled to be a part of their ecosystem. This will help collectors expand their payment options and include cryptocurrencies as a choice for them when considering purchases."

Gibson expects bitcoin to become a more mainstream asset class in the coming years, and see it as a sort of safe haven asset class, akin to gold.  Of course the recent volatility has led to the rise of more speculation, but over time he expects that exuberance to subside. 

"Peer to peer payment networks such as Paypal, Cash App and Venmo have been great developments for consumers in providing easy to use mechanisms for transferring dollars to one another.  But, I believe in the coming years, consumers will desire more control over their money and will look to alternative currencies such as bitcoin to store their assets.  And I thought it only natural to be at the forefront of what I see as a massive shift in consumer desires and behaviors" - Gibson says. 

Collectors looking to purchase vintage sports cards with their bitcoin and ethereum can visit

Any questions regarding the store or on how to purchase cards with bitcoin, please send an email to

All Vintage Cards

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Chris Rogers, is the founder of All Vintage Cards. Launched in 2018, All Vintage Cards is the hobby's leading resource for vintage sports cards. Chris is also the author of 'The Complete Guide To Selling Your Sports Cards'. Chris remains an avid collector and can be reached at

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