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Updated Sep 30, 2023

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We've assembled a collection of authentic Brady autograph images. These are all authentic Brady signatures. If you have a good auto you'd like to showcase here, please shoot me a photo at Please also see our guide to identifying fake Brady autographs.


Tom Brady Pre-Rookie Signatures (2001 and Prior)

Tom Brady Signatures (2001 to 2016)

Tom Brady Signatures (2016-Present)

Tom Brady Inscription Text

Here’s an image from the TB12 Instagram account written on a whiteboard by Tom Brady. This should help in identifying Brady’s lettering for any inscriptions on autographed items.

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  1. Chris, very impressed with your research. Purchased a TB Mounted Memories last February and have run into some naysayers as to its authenticity. I would appreciate your opinion on this issue and will email you more info. Thanks,

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